Orient Express

fri 12 jul 2019 19:00 

Traditional music from China and the Ottoman Empire.

 1-The Sound of Silk – Chinese Strings.
With Li Xiangting on guqin zither (a long 7-string instrument), and his former student, now a master himself, Cheng Yu on Pipa (a pear-shaped 4-string lute). This album contains not only traditional pieces, but also spontaneous improvisations that are inspired by the contemporary thoughts of the musicians and the current socio-cultural context. It is largely a reflection of the musical craftsmanship and the sentiments of the 21st century.
Label: Arc Music (2019), code: EUCD2846. Tracks 1 t/m 7  | 25’06.

2- La Melancolie Royale, Méditation Soufie  –  Kudsi Erguner.
The flautist Kudsi Erguner was born in Diyarbakir, Turkey in 1952, and is living in Paris since 1975. Towards the preservation of the Sufis’ legacy. Kudsi Erguner plays the Ney, a Turkish reed flute, but is also active as a musicologist, author, teacher and artistic advisor. He has worked as a musician and composer on various film scores (Martin Scorsese, with Peter Gabriel), theater plays (Peter Brook) and ballet productions (Maurice Béjart, Carolyn Carlson).
Label: Seyir Muzik (2019), code: 2GN009. Tracks 1 t/m 5  |  34’44 |  Distributie: XANGO music.

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