Orient Express

fri 16 aug 2019 19:00 

Classical music from Persia and India. As night falls on the silk road – Ghazal Ensemble.


Persian and Indian improvisations, released in 1998 from the collaboration between Persian and Indian musical masters.

*Kayhan Kalhor is a perfect player of the kamancheh (the Persian nail violin). In his hands this instrument has a range of expression from soft melancholy to fiery passion.

*Shujaat Hussain Khan is the sitarist of this musical encounter. His pure tone and technique create cascades of nuts, and at other times, bursts of bright sparks.

*Swapan Chaudhuri, tabla virtuoso provides the rhythmic basis and agile percussive decorations. The four long pieces are rich treasures of classical technology and beautiful improvisation. The interplay between the kamancheh, the sitar, the tabla and the vocals illustrate the rich Persian and Indian musical traditions.

Cd. As night falls on the silk road – Ghazal Ensemble. Label: Shanachie (1998), code: 66011.

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