Orient Express

fri 4 oct 2019 19:00 

Folk music from the Russian countryside, with the folk collective Otava Yo & the Don Kosaken Chor.


Do You Love – Otava Yo.

Otava Yo from St. Petersburg is a very unconventional folk collective consisting of musicians, friends, screenwriters, film producers and actors. The band turns Russian folk songs into powerful dance music. The album Do You Love, which you will listen to, is a selection of nine traditional folk songs about village life in Russia, with striking vocal harmonies and organic percussion including a varied mix of folk instruments, such as an ethnographic versions of a Russian woodwind instrument, violins ; banjo; pan flute; chimes; the 3-string balalaika and the single-reed woodwind chalumeau (a precursor to the clarinet). Label: Arc Music, code: EUCD2862 | VIDEO

A Russian romance – Don Kosaken Koor ‘Russland’ – Philarmonia Staats Solisten Ensemble | Marcel Verhoeff.

The twenty professional vocalists of the Don Cossack Choir are mostly connected to the big opera houses in Russia. The performance of Liturgical hymns and Folk songs and the combination of the vocals, accompanied by authentic Russian folk instruments, guarantees a compelling musical “serenade”. The six-member Instrumental Philarmonia Soloist Ensemble plays authentic Russian folk instruments.
Label: Christophorus (2012), code: CHR 77350 | VIDEO

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