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fri 28 aug 2020 19:00 hrs

A Tribute to Beirut

A Special edition of Orient Express dedicated to Beirut and the Lebanese people. Images of Beirut this month have broken the heart of all that love that city and country that gave and inspired so much art. Libanon gave a lot of music stars,  we’ll listen to nostalgic songs by the country’s and the world’s two most loved Lebanese stars: Fairuz and Wadih (Wadee’) El Safi. Two that are exceptionally linked to the modern Lebanese identity.


The song most remembered and played in tribute to Beirut this was this one “Le Bairut” (To Beirut). An ode to the city from 1987 recorded in the time the city had grown tired of the Lebanese civil war (1975-1990). The melody of the song is based on “Concierto de Aranjuez” of the Spanish composer Joaquín Rodrigo arranged by Ziad Rahbani and the poem is by the prominent Lebanese poet Joseph Harb.(Note the video has the English subtitles option).



1. Le Beirut (To Beiut) – Fairuz                                                                            04:13
2. Wainun (Where are they?)  Fairuz/Rahbani Brothers.                               03:19
3. Natarouna Kteer (They waited too long) Fairuz/Ziad Rahbani                03:45
4. Bayti Ana Baytak (My home is your home)  Fairuz/Rahbani Brothers:   07:22
5. Sallimleh Alayh    (Send him my regards) Fairuz/Ziad Rahbani                05:50
6. Ya Reyt Minnon Fairuz/Philmone Wehbe                                                      07:29
7. Libnan ya qete’t sama (Libanon you piece of heaven ) – Wadih El Safi    04:36
8. O’uyounek Akhadooni (Your eyes have taken me) –Wadih El Safi            03:40
9. Ya Sakhrat Al-Meena (The rock by the port) – Wadih El Safi                      06:14
10. Ma atwalak Ya Lail (How long is the night) Mawwal by Wadih El Safi :  02:43
11. Ana Khawfi ( My fear). Fairuz/Philmone Wehbe                                          05:24

12. Rejain ya hawa (We’re coming back) Fairuz/Rahbani Brothers               05:24







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