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fri 25 sep 2020 19:00 

Arabic Music: Mohamed Abdel Wahab.

This episode is dedicated to One of the founders of the modern Egyptian song:  Mohamed Abdel-Wahab (1902-1991). During his long career as a singer, composer and producer, he was by far the most influential in the popular music of all Arabic speaking countries. Composing and producing songs to most Egyptian singers and other Arab stars as well. His singing style and choice of lyrics, his collaboration with well-known poets (like Ahmed Shawqy), his processing of melodies from around the world and use of Western instrumentation and modern music production have changed the Arabic popular song -even the musical taste- forever. He was rooted in the traditional Maqam and singing traditions, yet always looking for innovation and modernization which didn’t go without controversy. He was sometimes criticized  for his orientation to Western music.

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Abdel Wahab starred few films in the early golden time of Egyptian cinema in 1930s and 1940s .This is a famous last guest appearance on the silver screen in “Ghazl Al banat”” 1949:




1.Ya Ward min yeshterik (1939)          Mohamed Abdel-Wahab    06:38

2.Fikra (Instrumental – 1939)              Mohamed Abdel-Wahab         03:08

3.Ya tara ya nisma (1932)                     Mohamed Abdel-Wahab            06:01

4.Toul Omri (1939)                                  Mohamed Abdel-Wahab         06:36

5.Kol dah kan leeh (Live 1954)              Mohamed Abdel-Wahab            38:12

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