Orient Express

fri 13 nov 2020 19:00 

Traditional music from the South Caucasus, Anatolia & Armenia.

AGA stands for Armenia, Georgia, Anatolia. In peaceful times, the people of the South Caucasus and Anatolia danced hand in hand; during wars and genocide they sang lamentations. On this album, the AGA Trio reinterprets melodies that have been passed down from generation to generation. The Trio hopes that this album will help revive the shared melodies that are the product of the interaction between the peoples of the South Caucasus and Anatolia, who have lived together for centuries. CD. Meeting – AGA Trio.  Label: Nexos world (2020) code: NXW76153-2. Production: Arc Music | VIDEO

The Armenian composer Khatchatour Avetissian has already contributed greatly to the development of the Armenian traditional folk music art. He is a shining example for many fellow countrymen.
Twelve exciting compositions are performed by 40 musicians from the orchestra of the Komitas conservatory in Yerévan. All play authentic Armenian instruments. CD. Iriknaïn: Mélodies Arméniennes – Katsjatoer Avedissian. Label: Tune-Up (1996), code: CD 3120 T | VIDEO

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