Orient Express

fri 1 oct 2021 23:00 

Traditional-classical music from China by Pipa en Guqin virtuoso Cheng Yu.


Cheng Yu.
She plays the original 1936 Van Gulik-Picken silk-string guqin, with Dennis Kwong Thye Lee on xiao flute. Steeped in history, this treasured guqin was previously owned by two of the world’s greatest 20th-century sinologists – Robert Hans Van Gulik and Laurence Picken. The sense of antiquity is enhanced as these well-known zither classics are played on original silk strings from the 1930s.
CD. Longyin, The Dragon Chants, 1930s Silk-Stringed Guqin with Xiao Flute – Cheng Yu with Dennis Kwong Thye Lee.
LABEL: Arc Music (2021), code: EUCD2951. VIDEO

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