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fri 22 oct 2021 23:00 
Composer: Riad Al Sunbati

Egypt. The music of Riad El-Sunbati.  (Part 1)

This episode is dedicated to one of the greatest Egyptian composers and Ud players of the 20th century. Riad El Sunbati. (1906-1981). best known for his music for Umm Kulthum. However, he has probably couple of hundred of songs to his name. Sunbati is one of few composers responsible for the the sound of Egyptian music-an example and inspiration to all middle eastern music- between the 1930s and 1970s.





1 Longa FarahFaza  ( Instrumental ) Riad El Sunbati  performed by Simon Shaheen   2:59
2 Rubaiyat Al-Khayyam Intro – Umm  Kolthoum live – Sunbati  2:05
3 Rubaiyat Al-Khayyam Intro & Taqaseem Ud –  Riad Sunbati  7:16
4 Fajr  (Dawn)- Riad Sunbati  10:45
5  Awedti Eyni ( you got my eyes used to seeing you)   Ud – Riad Sunbati  7:53
6 El Atlal ( The ruins) – Ud. – Riad El Sunbati  23:58
7  Masr Tattahadth An Nafsaha  (“Egypt speaks poem”Part of ) – Oum Kolthoum   6:13

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