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Orient Express

fri 7 jan 2022 23:00 
Composer: Traditional

Traditional-classical music from the Japanese Ensemble Yonin No Kai.

Ensemble Yonin No Kai.

The Japanese word Sankyoku translates into a Koto, Shakuhachi and shaimsen trio.
The Koto, is a 13-string zither and the root of Japanese Gagaku court music.
The Shaimsen is a three-stringed lute whose roots lie in ancient Egypt.
The Shakuhachi played the role of an accompaniment instrument to Gagaku music. The music performed here by the Yonin No Kaï Ensemble only dates back to the 17th century.

CD. Japon : Sankyoku – Ensemble Yonin No Kai.
LABEL: Ocora (1995), code: C 560070. VIDEO

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