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fri 16 sep 2022 23:00 

Music from the Middle East and the Balkans, by the group Arifa.


Secret Poetry – Arifa.
Based in the Netherlands, Arifa combines early music traditions from the Middle East and the Balkans with jazz and contemporary improvised music from a western frame of mind. The band members come from Romania, Turkey, the Netherlands and Germany. Their music is as diverse as their origins, from traditional Turkish and Balkan sounds to jazz and classical music. Arifa’s members are Alex Simu (Romania) who plays the clarinet, Franz von Chossy (Germany) who plays the piano and Sjahin While (Turkey/Netherlands) who plays Afro-Anatolian percussion.
CD. Secret poetry – Arifa.
LABEL: Mundus Productions (2019), code: 2019555. VIDEO

Après Minuit – Arifa.
The song is played by a different formation, namely with: Mehmet Polat (lute), Osama Abdulrasol (qanun), Alex Simu (reed player) and Sjahin During (percussion), they also bring out the best in each other in this combination. Alex Simu composed the fairytale sounds of this song.
CD. Beyond Babylon – Arifa.
LABEL: Mundus Productions (2010), code: 2010777. VIDEO

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