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fri 14 oct 2022 23:00 

Traditional music from Kazakhstan, featuring the kobyz string instrument musicians Raushan Orazbaeva and Smagul Unbetbaev.

1- Raushan Orazbaeva.
The Akku [the great swan] is regarded among the inhabitants of Kazakhstan as an ancient totem god and a symbol of greatness and purity. In the early 20th century, the kobyz (on which Raushan Orazbaeva plays) bowed string instrument was considered a religious relic and was therefore banned. Very few compositions for the string instrument have survived. Raushan Orazbaeva has put a lot of effort into searching for these old lost compositions (which were originally written for the 2-string domra instrument), she rewrote them for her own kobyz string instrument.
CD. Akku – Raushan Orazbaeva. LABEL: Dunya (2004), code: FY 8076. VIDEO

2- Smagul Unbetbaev.
According to archaeologists, a kobyz, along with dombra, was also one of the most common musical instruments of early nomads, mainly used in religious and ritualistic activities by the shamans, but also by folk singers. The kobyz also served as a means of communication. Imitation of nature sounds is characteristic of the instrument, e.g. howl of wolves, cry of swans, running horse, the sound of an arrow unleashed. The kobyz has two cords made of horsehair. The resonant cavity is usually covered with goatskin and is considered to be the oldest of all stringed instruments in the world.
CD. Music of Kazakhstan. LABEL: King (1993), code: KICC 5166. VIDEO

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