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Orient Express

fri 11 nov 2022 23:00 

Traditional Persian and Turkish music by Kayhan Kalhor & Erdal Erzincan.

Kayhan Kalhor.
Maestro of Kamancheh and classical Persian music. He comes from a Kurdish family and was born in Tehran in 1963.
He collaborated with big names of classical Iranian (Kurdish & Persian) music such as Mohammad Reza Shajarian and Hossein Alizadeh, with whom he formed the ensemble ‘Masters of Persian Music’.
His relentless search for new forms of collaboration has brought him together with Indian musicians Shujaat Husain Khan (sitar and vocals) and Swapan Chadhuri (tabla), the Turkish saz player Erdal Erzincan (on this album, among others) and the American musician. string quartets Kronos and Brooklyn Rider. Kayhan Kalhor lives in New York.

CD. The Wind: Persian and Turkish Improvisations van Kayhan Kalhor, Erdal Erzincan.
LABEL: ECM Records (2006), code: 9856354. VIDEO & WEBSITE

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