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fri 28 apr 2023 22:00 hrs

Two Divas of Lebanon: Sabah and Fairouz .

The two 20th century icons -though both from Lebanon- are in many ways two opposites. Fairouz, who is more known internationally and -especially since the 1970s more acknowledged as the symbol of Lebanon, built a romantic, angelic image.  Supported by her vocal style, the refined compositions and symbolic text written for her by her husband and brother-in-law ( the Rahbani brothers).

Sabah, who is almost a decade older, has however a very earthy and sensual image, enhanced by her special strong voice, drive, joie de vivre and the use of elements from Lebanese folk music. Sabah started her career very young in Arab Hollywood in the 1940s; Cairo Egypt. She had a successful career as a film actress and singer. In the mid-1960s she often returned to Lebanon where she also built a very successful career.



Sabah performing Annadda live among few Arab celebrities on stage around 1964.

Sabah,  Annada a French version

Sabah : Doing a Mawwl (traditional vocal improvisation) in live performance of “Jina eddar”



Fairouz live Damascus 1976





1. El-Donia Doulab – Sabah (music R.Lahoud) 03:12
Sabah (Music by Philemon Wehbe):
2. Alouli El-hob Byenbaa’ (they said love can be sold) 5:15
3. Aal nadda nadda (music by Rahbani brothers ) 03:41
4. Jina Eddar (We came home-to find no one) 03:56
5. Rouh Etjawaz ya abdou (Go get married Abdou ! ) 04:33
6. Ya Taaleen men jabal le jabal (You who go from mountain to mountain) 5:54
Fairouz (Music by Rahbani brothers)
7. Bakteb Esmek ya Habibi (I write your name my love) 04:09
8. Ya dara douri feena – Fairouz music by Philemon Wehbe 04:29
9. Ya qamar (Hey Moon (why do you shine) – Fairouz (music by Rahbani Brothers) 2:51
10.Sayyef ya Sayf – Fairouz (music by Philemon Wehbe) 03:29
11.Ashqa we ghalbana – Sabah (music by Baligh Hamdi (Egypt) 6:03
12.Heb El- Donia – Sabah (music by Baligh Hamdi (Egypt) 4:46
13.Saaloni El-Nas (People asked me (about you)- Fairouz – Ziad Rahbani 3:34
14.Saaloni El-Nas Instrumental – Ziad Rahbani

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