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Orient Express

fri 8 sep 2023 22:00 

Embodied poetry by the Mehmet Polat Quartet + Beyond the borders by Maria Farantouri & Cihan Türkoglu.

Mehmet Polat Quartet.
Inspired by life’s twists and ever-changing rhythms, the album took Mehmet Polat on an enlightened path of being fully where he is, as a composer and human being, and noting what can be learned and created from that. The recordings that emerged from this period are like a collection of intertwined short stories about survival, growth, adjustment, introspection, sadness, acceptance, love, joy and compassion. Each of the four musicians on the album brings an individual musical sensitivity, creativity and virtuosity to the interpretation and performance of the compositions, and collectively they make the whole much more than the sum of its parts.
CD. Embodied poetry – Mehmet Polat, Mike Roelofs, Daniel van Huffelen, Martin Hafizi. LABEL: Eigen Beheer MP23. VIDEO

Maria Farantouri & Cihan Türkoglu.
The musicians on this album are bridge builders: they connect cultures and (neighboring) countries – such as Greece and Turkey – that are normally at odds with each other. The legendary Greek singer Maria Farantouri is the greatest asset on this album. She impresses with her subtle and subdued vocals. Traditional music from Greece, Turkey, Lebanon and Armenia are complemented by compositions by Cihan Türkoglu. Turkish saz player Cihan Türkoglu has mastered a variety of styles, from classical to rock, avant-garde and traditional folk music. In addition to Türkoglu, musicians from different cultures contributed to this album: the German cellist Anja Lechner, Armenian zither player Meri Vardanyan, Greek ney player Christos Barbas and Turkish percussionist Izzet Kizil.
CD. Beyond the borders – Maria Farantouri, Cihan Türkoglu. LABEL: ECM Records (2019), code: 6752604. VIDEO

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