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fri 14 jun 2024 22:00 hrs

Traditional-classical music from Kurdistan. Produced by: Cobie Ivens

Kurdish singing and music.
Kurdistan is a historical-geographical region in the northeast of the Middle East that has been divided between Turkey, Persia, Syria, Armenia and Iraq since 1918 and is mainly inhabited by Kurds with an Aramean, Arab, Turkish and Armenian minority. The Kurdish people have a rich culture.This concerns places of settlement, family traditions, marriages, funerals, national costumes of men and women and food. But there is also an impressive message about the Kurdish fact woven into Kurdish literature, painting, sculpture, theater and music.
CD. Chant et musique Kurdes.LABEL: Ethnic (1995), code: B 6815. Video

Traditional Kurdish dance songs.
There are three types of floor patterns; Circle, semicircle and straight line. Usually the dancers are connected by holding hands, standing shoulder to shoulder, interlocking pinky fingers or placing hands across the lower back.
CD. Traditional Kurdish dance songs.
LABEL: Hollywood Music Center (1995), code: HMC 1353. Video

Producer: Cobie Ivens

Thanks to: Taxi Ali in Apeldoorn.

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