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mon 2 mar 2009 23:00 

Lucia Pamela and Danielle Lemaire..
Lucia Pamela, eccentric musical jack-of-all-trades from the States and her soulmate Danielle Lemaire from Breda, the Netherlands, have a lot in common. Unfortunately the lady mentioned first is no longer among us but the latter is still alive and kicking! Tonight, the fantastically weird album ‘Into Outer Space with Lucia Pamela’ from the 60s and work from two albums by Danielle Lemaire.


Lucia Pamela.
1. Moontown.
2. Walking on the Moon.
3. Flip Flop Fly.
4. Dear Me.
5. You and your big ideas.
6. What to do is the Question
7. Hap-Hap-Happy Heart.
Danielle Lemaire.
8. Casiotone Swingy Rythm.
9. The Strangest Dream.
10. Moving.
11. JaDa Whistling along with Lenny.
12. Atomic Ballroom.
13. Scrolling.
Lucia Pamela.
14. Indian Alphabet Chant (a-i-Iddy-i-o-o-o).
15. Why? Because I Want To.
16. In Love, In Love.
17. I’ve got a Song.
18. Blue Wind.
19. In The Year 2,000!!!
Danielle Lemaire.
20. Lachen.