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thu 11 aug 2016 23:00 

This broadcast focuses on Stian Westerhus. This Norwegian guitar player was one of the highlights of the Moers festival 2016. Westerhus began his music career in experimental jazz band PUMA, after which he joined Jagga Jazzist He also collaborated with Superslient, Nils Petter Molvær and Motorpsycho. From 2009, he decided to go his own way. This resulted in four solo records on Rune Grammofon, a cooperation with singer Sissel Endersen, and the founding of a new ensemble called Warped Dreamer.


1.    How Long. (Stian Westerhus). 8.30.
2.    Amputation. (Stian Westerhus). 9.51.
3.     Barkis is Willing. (Endresen/Wesethus). 6.48.
4.    Immaculate Heart. (Endresen/Wesethus). 8.23.
5.    Kenda Taa. (Warped Dreamer). 11.13.
6.    Nahimana. (Warped dreamer). 9.34.


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