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thu 16 apr 2020 23:00 

Music by Magnolia Electric Co., Bark Psychosis, Daniel Johnston, Barkmarket, Pelican, Sonic Youth, Roseanne Reid, Mercury Rev, Sloan, Guided By Voices, Vitamin X, .gif from god, Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Karate, YOUFF, Genocide Pact and Katadreuffe.

01. Bark Psychosis. The Black Meat. (Codename: Dustsucker 2004)
02. Barkmarket. Easy Chair. (Gimmick 1993)
03. Daniel Johnston. The Creature/Third Chair. (Yip Jump Music 1983)
04. Sonic Youth. Queen Anne Chair. (The Destroyed Room 2001)
05. Roseanne Reid. Sweet Annie. (Trails 2019)
06. Mercury Rev. Sweet Oddysee Of A Cancer Cell T’ The Center of Yer Heart. (Yerself Is Steam 1992)
07. Sloan. I Am The Cancer. (Smeared 1992)
08. Katadreuffe. Conquer Cancer. (Period 2011)
09. Genocide Pact. Conquered and Disposed. (Order of Torment 2018)
10. YOUFF. Karat Genocide. (20/20 Hindsight 2019)
11. Karate. Today Or Tomrrow. (In A Place Of real Insight 1997)
12. Bonnie “Prince” Billy. Today I was an Evil One. (I See A Darkness 1999)
13. Vitamin X. Speak No Evil. (Age Of Paranoia 2019)
14. .gif from god. Cincinnatically Speaking. (Approximation of A Human 2019)
15. Guided By Voices. Cold Cold Hands. (Zeppelin Over China 2019)
16. Pelican. Cold Hope. (Nighttime Stories 2019)
17. Magnolia Electric Co.. Hope Dies Last. (Josephine 2009)

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