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thu 17 sep 2020 23:00 
Genres: Contemporary music | Pop
Composer: John Cale

Music by Manta Ray, Kelly Lee Owens feat. John Cale, Shame, The Streets, June Of 44, Run The Jewels, Motorpsycho, Yo La Tengo, Bright Eyes, Future Anachronisms, Kate Tempest and B Boys.

01. Manta Ray. Sol. (La Última Historia de Seducción 1997)
02. Kelly Lee Owens. Corner Of My Sky. (Inner Song 2020)
03. Shame. Alphabet. (Alphabet 2020)
04. The Streets. None Of Us Are Getting Out Of This Life Alive. (None Of Us Are Getting Out Of This life Alive 2020)
05. June Of 44. I Get My Kicks for You. (Engine Takes to Water 1995)
06. Run The Jewels. Pulling The Pin. (RTJ4 2020)
07. Motorpsycho. Like Chrome. (The All Is One 2020)
08. Yo La Tengo. Above The Sound. (There’s A riot Going On 2018)
09. Bright Eyes. Comet Song. (Down In The Weeds, Where The World Once Was 2020)
10. Future Anachronisms. Rest Is Words. (Filibuster 2020)
11. Kate Tempest. Europe Is Lost. (Let Them Eat Chaos 2016)
12. B Boys. Smoke You. (Dudu 2019)

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