Palace of Nostalgia

thu 16 may 2013 05:00 
Composer: Matt Dennis

Jazz, blues and nostalgia

A Palace of Nostalgia that is going criss-cross through the history of music once more. This time German humour by the Guckenheimer Sourkraut Band who skillfully disassembles the classic ‘Stars & Stripes Forever’, The Andrews Sisters (after the last member of this once mega popular vocal trio recently passed away), a nice song about coffee, a sandwich and a beloved by Matt Dennis (lounge pianist, singer, composer and the biggest supplier of Sinatra) and subsequently also the frivolous combo the Wapiti’s, Canadian vocalist Ann Murray, guitar virtuoso Jeff Healey and ‘Little Miss Dynamite’ Brenda Lee with a sad song about a bride who was abandoned at the last moment.

Producer and presenter: