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Palace of Nostalgia

sat 17 jan 2015 20:00 hrs

Jazz, blues and nostalgia. Today: the wonder on wheels.

Cruising over the waving pavement of Route 66, with the Metropole Orchestra’s beautiful recording in Roger Roger’s ‘Traffic Boom’, that stimulates the appetite; various kinds of freeway misery (like the ‘V-8 Blues’, the ’Truck Driver’s Blues’ and Hank Williams’ ‘Lost Highway’), Frank Sinatra hitch-hiking, reflections that evoke the image of a red Renault, but also the amusing story of a man who gets stuck with seven beautiful women on the backseat of his car, and they hit on Fred, also on the backseat, but they ignore him, the driver; Johnny Hartman, Pearl Bailey, a competition between a Caddilac and a Rambler Ash. In addition Woody Guthrie, June Christy and Artie Shaw.

Producer and presenter:
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