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Palace of Nostalgia

thu 28 jan 2016 06:00 

Jazz, blues and nostalgia. About Anette Hanshaw.

She was a vocalist from heaven with a short career: Annette Hanshaw. She was known as ‘The Personality Girl’ with her relaxed, light jazzy singing style and she made a series of beautiful timeless recordings. In 1934 she was chosen as best popular singer in the magazine ‘Radio Stars’. However, her aversion to the record industry was big and she decided to quit abruptly.
Furthermore: German actress and  cabaret artist Brigitte Mira with the humorous ‘Wo sind deine Haare, August?’, of which we also have the funny arrangement from the 1960s by Dutch duo Poody & The Roaring Seven (‘Back to Nature’). We also honour the memory of Kitty Kallen, Yoka Berretty and Annie de Reuver. And also a couple of crooners, including the beautiful song ‘Dancin in the Dark’.

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