mon 7 jan 2013 04:00 
Genre: Pop

….. music from another planet. A varied and alternative programme with mostly unknown music. Part 3 of anniversary broadcast Pluto #100 with Pluto’s ‘Greatest Hits’.

1. Clare and the Reasons. Pluto-tune. (Muldaur/Manchon). Fargo FR21151.
2. Keith Caputo. Crawling. (idem).
(album: A Fondness For Hometown Scars). Suburban rec. BURBCD055 Rough Trade RTRADCD663.  
3. My brightest Diamond. I have never loved someone. (idem).
(album: All things will unwind). Asthmatic Kitty Rec. AKR085.
4. Figurines. We Got Away. (Christian Hjelm/idem).
(album: idem). Cargo Rec. CARCD 113.  
5. Underground Railroad. The Orchid’s Curse. (idem).
(album: Russion Doll). One Little Indian Rec. 1099TP7CDP.
6. The Epstein. (Hamilton, the Epstein) Sonic-rendezvous.
7. Surrounded. Space Atlantic Satellite. (idem)
(album: Oppenheimer and Woodstock). One Little Indian tplp 1063cd.
8. Gary Numan. When The Sky Bleeds, He Will Come. (idem).
(album: Dead Sun Rising). Mortal Rec. MortalCD10.
9. Elysian Fields. Climbing my dark hair (Elysian Fields)
Reverb Rec. reverb 103.
10. Piano Magic. England is always better (as your pulling away). (idem)
(album: Ovations) Make Mine MusicDPlanet Mu ZIQ259.
11. The Veils. The house she lived in. (F. Andrews)
Rough Trade RTRADCD382.
12. Soap&Skin. Extinguish me. (Anja Platschg)
(album: Lovetune for vacuum). PIAS R151CDX 945 0151 022.
13. Flat Earth Society. Anthem (Peter Vermeersen).
(album: Psychocout). Crammed Discs Cram  128.
14. The Radio Dept. Bachelor kisses. (idem).
(album: Passive Aggressive). AA19827-01. 
15. Smashing Pumpkins. Spangled (Billy Corgan). (album: Teargarden by Kaleidyscope). EP-promo.
16. The Shins. Sleeping Lessons (James Mercer/Lettuce Flavored).
(album: Wincing the night away). Subpop SPCD 705.  
17. Jackbeauregard. Patience. (Jackbeauregard)
Sonic Rendezvous/Tapete rec.TR 151
18. Mugison. To the Bone. (Mugison)
(album: Mugiboogie) Mug 006.
19. Tindersticks. Piano music. (tindersticks).
(album: Falling down a mountain). 4ADCAD 3X02.