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mon 19 jan 2009 18:00 hour
Composers: John Cale | Nick Drake

John Cale.
September 1968: John Cale is thanked for leaving The Velvet Underground. The band would never be the same again. But what happened to John Cale in that following period? In this PopArt, we draw up a small statement of affairs.

John Cale.
Vintage Violence /
Paris 1919 / Helen of Troy.
1. Fly (Nick Drake).
2. Northern Sky (Nick Drake).
3. Hello, There.
4. Adelaide.
5. Please.
6. Amsterdam.
7. Wall.
8. The endless plain of fortune.
9. Andalucia.
10. Paris 1919.
11. Grahame Green.
12. Antarctica starts here.
13. Cable Hogue.
14. (I keep a) Close watch.
15. Helen of Troy.
16. Leaving it up to you.
label: Island; Columbia; Reprise

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