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wed 5 oct 2016 22:00 

In two broadcasts of Popart, we dive into the world of Supersister.  In between interviews with Robert Jan Stips, you can listen to the music of Supersister, Soft Machine, Erik Satie, Sacha van Geest and – in part two – to a lot of music from the concert with three grand pianos Stips gave on 5 July 2015 at the Beauforthuis in Austerlitz. This is part 1.

5 July 2015 was a very hot day. Robert Jan Stips thought so too. At the Beauforthuis in Austerlitz he played three grand pianos kind of at the same time: a Steinway, a Fazioli and a Bechstein, each with their own sound. The three grand pianos were set in a triangle, on which Stips played the complete work of the first three records of his old band Supersister. The concert was recorded and appeared on CD and DVD on 27 March 2016. On the occasion of the release, the concert was performed again under less warm conditions, and was received well. All in all, all the more reasons to look back at the days of Supersister with Robert Jan Stips. I met him at home and we talked about Supersister, music and of course about the concert. We were interrupted by his kids coming home from school and by the rabbit that had escaped his hatch. The rabbit must have heard all about Supersister, because his actions perfectly align with the image of the group. How so? You can found out in two episodes of Popart.


01.    Supersister ‘Present from Nancy’ (van Eck/Stips).
02.    Robert Jan Stips – interview.
03.    Supersister ‘Corporation Combo Boys’ (Stips).
04.    Robert Jan Stips – interview.
05.    Supersister ‘(2×3=)6 Blauwe Dwergen’ (Douw/Stips).
06.    Robert Jan Stips – interview.
07.    Soft Machine ‘Hibou, Anemone and Bear’ (Ratledge/Wyatt).
08.    Robert Jan Stips – interview.
09.    Supersister ‘Memories Are New’ (van Eck/Stips).
10.    Robert Jan Stips – interview.
11.    Supersister ‘A Girl Named You’ (Stips).
12.    Robert Jan Stips – interview.
13.    Erik Satie/Claude Debussy/Ronald Corp ‘Trois Gymnopedies – no. 2’ (Satie – adaptation Corp).
14.    Robert Jan Stips – interview.
15.    Supersister ‘Psychopath’ (Stips).
16.    Robert Jan Stips – interview.
17.    Supersister ‘Radio – live’ (van Eck/Stips).
18.    Robert Jan Stips – interview.
19.    Supersister ‘The Groupies of the Band’ (Supersister) 4:32.
20.    Robert Jan Stips – interview 2:47.
21.    Supersister ‘Bagoas’ (van Eck/Stips) 2:54


01.    CD: Present from Nancy – Esoteric ECLEC 2056.
02.    interview.
03.   CD: Present from Nancy – Esoteric ECLEC 2056.
04.    interview.
05.   CD: M.A.N. – SOSS SS23272.
06.    interview.
07.   CD: Volume Two – Polydor 532 050-6.
08.    interview.
09.   CD: Present from Nancy – Esoteric ECLEC 2056.
10.    interview.
11.   CD: To the Highest Bidder – Esoteric ECLEC 2057.
12.    interview.
13.   CD: Satie – Hyperion CDA66365.
14.    interview.
15.   CD: Pudding and Gisteren – Esoteric ECLEC 2059.
16.    interview.
17.   CD: M.A.N. – SOSS SS23272.
18.    interview.
19.    CD: To the Highest Bidder – Esoteric ECLEC 2057.
20.    interview.
21.    Cd: Iskander – Esoteric ECLEC 2058.


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