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wed 31 jan 2018 22:00 

A lot of attention for forgotten Dutch pearls. Ten songs, which you should have heard more often on Dutch Radio in the past twenty years. With music of Žen, Zea, Kismet, Nouveau Vélo and Rooie Waas a.o. Of course there is also space for some new international releases.


01. Žen. Pusti Me Da Hodam. 5:36 minutes.
Sunčani Ljudi. (HMRL045) MoonLee Records.
02. Seine. Privatno Tijelo. 3:56 minutes.
Sno Sna. (HMRL044) MoonLee Records.
03. Escape-ism. I Don’t Remember You. 1:56 minutes.
Introduction To Escape-ism. (MRG613) Merge Records.
04. Zea. Dat Is Net Sa Moai. 3:12 minutes.
The Beginner. (MR3). Makkum Records.
05. King Me. The Fresh makers. 2:12 minutes.
Them Brawlers. (DGR029). Dying Giraffe Recordings.
06. ME. The Blindman Leads The Deaf. 4:48 minutes.
Hamden. (Volkoren30). Volkoren.
07. Kismet. White Castle. 4:35 minutes.
Hiatus. (BEEP003). Beep! Beep! Back Up The Truck.
08. Nouveau Vélo. Still Here. 4:05 minutes.
Nouveau Vélo. (SR060). Subroutine Records.
09. The World Of Dust. Gold And Silver. 2:49 minutes.
Womb Realm. (TR007). Tiny Room Records.
10. Birdskin. The Sleeper. 3:17 minutes.
Basement. (Dream 3). Transformed Dreams.
11. Lookapony. Bedroom Pictures. 2:53 minutes.
Ha-Satan. (personal management) Personal management;
12. Aestrid. So Sorry. 5:18 minutes.
Box. (FUNCD65). Function Records.
13. The Don’t Touch My Croque Monsieurs. W R P Raad. 3:10 minutes.
Beste. Stuurlui. Ooit. () Free Indian.
14. Rooie Waas. Bepaal Jij Dat? 2:40 minutes.
Het Is Maar een Constatering. (NM060). Narrominded.
15. Shame. The Lick. 4:12 minutes.
Songs Of Praise. (DOC 144). Dead Oceans.
16. Princess Nokia. (see photo) ABCs Of New York. 3:20 minutes.
1992 Deluxe. (RTRADCD880). Rough Trade.


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