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wed 14 mar 2018 22:00 hrs
Genres: Contemporary music | Pop
Composer: David Shire

Lost and found XIII. In this episode a collection of pop songs that received the pop art quality stamp from the compiler. Tracks by Main, Joshua Sabin, Dawn of Midi, Freeform, Jazz Spanky and the Sound Approach, Palm Skin Productions, Gripper, Forgemasters, David Shire, Dread, Twilight Circus Dub Sound System, the Pitchshifters and Tindersticks.

01. Main – Liquid Reflective. (Main)
02. Joshua Sabin – Terminus Drift. (Joshua Sabin)
03. Dawn of Midi – Ymir. (Belyamani / Israni)
04. Freeform – Spinder. (Simon Pyke)
05. Jazz Spanky & the Sound Approach – Backstreet Preacher. (Alan Gubby)
06. Palm Skin Productions – Künstruk. (Simon Richmond)
07. Gripper – Re-Action. (Gripper)
08. Forgemasters – Track With No Name. (Gordon / Maher / Hazel)
09. David Shire – Mini-Manhunt. (David Shire)
10. Dread – A Presence Dub. (B. Lustmord)
11. Twilight Circus Dub Sound System – Trinity. (Ryan Moore)
12. Vladimir Cosma – L’Attente. (Vladimir Cosma)
13. The Pitchshifters – Perm. (Hideto Aso)
14. Tindersticks – Percy’s Dream. (Ott / Staples)


01. Motion Pool. Beggars Banquet. BBQCD148.
02. Terminus Drift. Subtext. SUBCD10.
03. Dysnomia Erased Tapes Records. ERATP068CD.
04. Green Park. Sub Rosa. SR149.
05. Spin & Spank. Milk Recordings. MILCD004.
06. Künstruk. Delabel. 724384875725
07. A Life Of Consummate Ease. Atic Records. ATICCD006.
08. Pioneers Of The Hypnotic Groove. Warp Records. WARPCD2.
09. The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three. Retrograde Records. FSMDS123.
10. In Dub. Ant-Zen. ACT352.
11. The Essential Collection. M Records. CD220.
12. L’Affaire Crazy Capo. CAM. CSE018.
13. Semordnilap – Deified. 360° Records. 360R42.
14. Minute Bodies. City Slang. Slang50125.


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