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Lost and Found XX. A coincidental musical plot that could end in eerie, murky waters. All these tracks in this episode were collected in a month time and deserve all some extra attention. The potential story it will tell is an added bonus. The actors: Peter Thomas, Jack Dangers, Yazz Ahmed, Zulutronic, Vladimir Ussachevsky, Sculpture, Jon Hassell, Add N to (X), Pram, Fletcher Pratt, Isan and Techno Animal.

01. Peter Thomas – Spiral Angst. (Peter Thomas)
02. Jack Dangers – 3:00 min. (Jack Dangers)
03. Yazz Ahmed – Jamil Jamal [DJ Khalab remix]. (Yazz Ahmed)
04. Zulutronic – Chikka Chikka. (G104 / Kerosene)
05. Vladimir Ussachevsky – Suite from ‘No Exit’ Part 1. (Vladimir Ussachevsky)
06. Sculpture – Slime Code 4. (Dan Hayhurst / Reuben Sutherland)
07. Jon Hassell – Elsewhere is a Negative Mirror [Some Truths Version]. (Jon Hassell)
08. Add N to (X) – Old Lady Ealing does Man Experiments. (Add N to (X))
09. Pram – Wave of Translation. (Pram)
10. Fletcher Pratt – Psycho Dub. (Fletcher Pratt)
11. Isan – Paintchart. (Antony Ryan / Robin Saville)
12. Techno Animal – The Dream Forger. (JK Flesh / K Martin)


01. Moonflowers & Mini-Skirts. Marina Records. MA39.
02. Variaciones Espectrales. Instinct Records. INS7005-2.
03. La Saboteuse Remixed. Naim Records. NAIMSP366.
04. Mission Zulu One. Pharma. 97PHR010/CD.
05. Film Music. New World Records. 80389-2.
06. Slime Code. Digitalis Recordings. DIGIV049.
07. Remixes. All Saints. WASTEP2.
08. Revenge of The Black Regent. Mute. cdmute231.
09. Across the Meridian. Domino. WIGCD434.
10. Dub Sessions, Vol. 4. Crash Symbols.
11. Beautronics. Tugboat Records. tugcd004.
12. Ghosts. Pathological Records. PATH8CD.

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