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Lost and Found XXIV. Within a period of a month: new and old music noted, listened and approved for this final selection of tracks that made it into episode 24 of the series. This episode of Popart contains Japanese techno, instrumental jazz, tape music from Belgium, smokey tones from the UK, Sweden, Austria and Poland and film music by two French composers who recently died. In order of appearance: Flare, Miłosz Pękala / Kordylasińska Pękala / Asuna Arashi, James Campbell, Speed Jack, Germ, Jon Hassell & Blue Screen, Mike Ladd, Ultramarine, Henri Pousseur, Da Book, Antena, Fennesz and Francis Lai.

01. Flare – Nervewrench. (Ken Ishii) 4:39.
02. Miłosz Pękala / Kordylasińska Pękala / Asuna Arashi – Modular #2. (Miłosz Pękala) 4:06.
03. James Campbell – Thème Africain. [du Film Play Time]. (James Campbell) 2:16.
04. Speed Jack – Fading. (Mark Bell) 5:09.
05. Germ – Trias. (Tim Wright) 5:13.
06. Jon Hassell and Blue Screen – Personals. (Jon Hassell / Leslie Winer) 4:15.
07. Mike Ladd – In Perspective. (Mike Ladd) 7:01.
08. Ultramarine – Breathing. (Ian Cooper / Paul Hammond) 6:46.
09. Henri Pousseur – Voix de la Ville. (Henri Pousseur) 4:15.
10. Da Book – Stetson Wop. (Patrik Book) 2:31.
11. Antena – Les Demoiselles de Rochefort. (Michel Legrand) 3:44.
12. Fennesz – Château Rouge. (Christian Fennesz) 6:41.
13. Francis Lai – L’Arrestation. [Le Passager De La Pluie]. (Franics Lai) 1:39.


01. Reference to Difference. Sublime Records. SBLCD5006US.
02. Modular. Lado ABC. LADO C/28.
03. Extraits des Bandes Originales des Films de Jacques Tati. Philips. 836 983-2.
04. Surge. R&S Records. RS 96067 CD.
05. Parrot. GPR. GPR CD14.
06. Dressing for Pleasure. Warner Bros. 9362-45523-2.
07. Negrophilia. Thirsty Ear. THI 57156.2.
08. Signals into Space. Les Disques Du Crépuscule. TWI 1236 CD.
09. Electronic Works. BV Haast. CD 9010.
10. One Taboo to Go. Exit Recor. XT0019.
11. Camino del Sol. Numero Group. NUM002.

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