wed 29 may 2019 22:00 

The first five months in 2019. The music landscape is once again flooding with special new records. From this continuous tsunami of new sounds, Tjeerd de Radiomaker made a small and highly incomplete selection of records, which forced him to the record pusher, and return home again with his hands full. No overview or list of the first six months, music is, except the Eurovision Songfestival, after al no competition, but simply over 55 minutes of arty pop sounds.

01. Apex Manor. VCR. 4:02 minutes. (Heartbreak City 2019)
02. Television Personalties. Goodnight Mr Spaceman. 4:29 minutes. (Some Kind Of Trip 2019)
03. Efrim Manuel Menuck (photo). Do The Police Embrace. 8:54 minutes. (Sing Sinck, Sing 2019)
04. VR Sex. Facts Without Faces. 6:05 minutes. (Human Traffic Jam 2019)
05. Helado Negro. Todo Lo Que Me Falta. 4:36 minutes. (This Is How You Smile 2019)
06. Deadbeat & Camara. Sweet Jane. 5:37 minutes. (Trinity Thirty 2019)
07. Guided By Voices. It Will Never Be Simple. 2:32 minutes. (Warp And Woof 2019)
08. Stuart A. Staples. Boyse’s Death. 12:03 minutes. (Music For Claire Denis’ High Life 2019)
09. Diane Coffee. Stuck In Your Saturday Night. 3:16 minutes. (Internet Arms 2019)
10. Strand Of Oaks. Moon Landing. 4:44 minutes. (Eraserland 2019)

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