Present Day Music

fri 1 aug 2014 16:00 

Donemus hour.
Simeon ten Holt. There are two claims on the devils in the history of music: the tritone, diabolus in musica and Franz Liszt’s Mephisto-waltzes, or Devil’s dances. The Mephisto waltzes are four waltzes that Liszt composed between 1859 and 1885.
With his four Solo Devil’s dances Simeon ten Holt winked at Liszt. The last Solo Devil’s dace is also based on the tritones.

– Simeon ten Holt. Solo Devil’s Dance.
Jeroen van Veen.
Brilliant Classics.
– Simeon ten Holt. Aforisme II.
Jeroen van Veen.
– Simeon ten Holt. Solo Devil’s Dance III.