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Present Day Music

tue 4 feb 2014 12:00 

Piano heroes and puppies.
Three pianists, five composers who also make music and two ensembles populate this episode of Present Day Music. The next two weeks you can listen to music by Jessica Sligter, Wilbert Bulsink, Noriko Koide, Rutger Zuyderveld and Huib Emmer at various stages. They will sing and play it themselves or ensemble Looptail will cover it. We will start off with three pianists: Saskia Lankhoorn, Tomoko Mukaiyama and Gerard Bouwhuis.

1. Peter Adriaansz. Waves – Wave 3 (2007).
Ensemble Klang 
Ensemble Klang 
2. Galina Ustvolskaya. Piano Sonatas – Piano Sonata No. 5 (1986) (1994). 
Oleg Malov 
3. Huib Emmer. Modern Compositions – Glorious Stranger (2001). 
Huib Emmer, Peter van Bergen, Gerard Bouwhuis, Patricio Wang 
IKZI 001 
4. Jessica Sligter. Fear And the Framing – Fear (Holland 2011) (2012). 
Jessica Sligter 
Grappa Musikkforlag AS 
5. Rutger Zuydervelt. Dutch Jazz & World Meeting 2010 – Drape (2009). 
Gareth Davis & Machinefabriek 
MCN 1007 
6. Wilbert Bulsink. Gaudeamus Music Week 2013 – Looptail – Prelude for an impossibility (2012). 
Concertzender, recorded by Wijnand de Groot 
7. Noriko Koide. Gaudeamus Music Week 2013 – Looptail – Paradise fishes, brilliant night (2012). 
Concertzender, recorded by Wijnand de Groot