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De veertiende etappe (The Fourteenth Stage), a book with 71 cycling stories by Tim Krabbé, about what can happen during cycling and about what the writer thinks. A collection of stories and columns from 1980-2015.

From the book The Fourteenth Stage: 
Falling: feared by every cyclist. There is no such thing as a cyclist that never falls and it does not pay to be careful. And if you fall the saying goes: "you will heal naturally but your bicycle won’t."
Krabbé writes about an Algerian cyclist in the Tour the France, who had a lead of 20 minutes. He sat down by the side of the road and fell asleep. His lead was completely lost. Whether it was booze or it were pills, it is a remarkable story among the legends of the Tour.
A road bike is not a means of transport. A cyclist in training is not going anywhere, he is just cycling. These are just a few of the many interesting facts told in the Fourteenth Stage.
1. Jacob van Eyck. Preludium (1649).
Performance: Arie Abbenes on the carillon of the Dom in Utrecht.
CD Philips 4426242 Jacob van Eyck & Dutch Songs of the Golden Age.
2. Darius Milhaud. Le Boeuf sur le toit, opus 58 (1919). Performance: Orchestre de Radio Luxenbourg conducted by Louis Froment  CD VOX BOX1160202. 
3. Paule Maurice (1910-1967)
Tableaux de Provence (1954) Farandole of the Young Girls; Song for my Love; The Gypsy; A Sigh of the Soul; The Big Bee.
Performance: CBC Vancouver Orchestra conducted by Mario BernardiCD SMCD 5135 
4. Claude Debussy. From Images: 
Reflets dans l’eau; Hommage a Rameau; Mouvement; Poissons d’or;                        
5. Poulenc: Pastourelle           
Performance: Theo Bruins, piano. Recorded live in the small hall of the Concertgebouw febr. 1974. 
CDGlobe 6017.
6. Dalida: Buenos noches mi amor.
CD Universal 835 341 2
The Fourteenth Stage by Tim Krabbé, stories and columns from 1980-present. Catchy and written with humour and momentum. Available at the Literaire Reisboekhandel Evenaar in Amsterdam, but available in good bookshops everywhere. More information and the playlist of this hour on our website 
Compiled and presented by: Agnes van der Veld.