Radio Monalisa

Women composers: classical, jazz and contemporary.
Programming & presentation: Patricia Werner Leanse.

1. Fanny Mendelssohn (Germany, 1805-1847).  September (1847), for piano.
2. Betty Olivero (Israel, 1954). En la mar hai una torre (2015) performed by Trio Mediaeval, Garth Knox, Agnes Vèsterman, Sylvain Lemêtre and Cliona Doris.
3. Jana Obrovska (Czech Republic, 1930-1987). Hommage à Béla Bartók (1975), for guitar.
4. Vítezslava Kaprálová (Czech Republic 1915-1940). Forever, What is my grief, Hands(1936), song cycle.
5. Germaine Tailleferre (France 1892-1983). Concertino for flute and piano (1952).
6. Mamak Khadem (Iran, 1958). From the cd ‘The Road’ (2015): Flaming Sun & High Sea.

Producer and presenter: