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sun 7 feb 2016 11:00 hour

Women composers: classical, jazz and contemporary.
Producer & host: Patricia Werner Leanse.

1. Marjo Tal (NL, 1915-2006).
De Linde bij de Bron (1988), song.
2. Rain Worthington (New York).
Reversing Mirrors in the Quiet (2012), for orchestra.
3. Myriam MarbĂ© (Romania, 1931-1997). D’a cantara-cantarellare (1995), for soprano, violin and percussion.
4. Johanna Senfter (Germany 1879-1961).
Zwei Choralvorspiele (1922), for organ.
5. Kumiko Omura (Japan, 1970). La Complication d’Images (2007), for alto/baritone saxophone and live electronics.
6. Florence Price (Arkansas, 1887-1953).
The Deserted Garden (1900), for violin and piano.
7. Barbara Strozzi (Italy, 1619-1664).
Lagrime mie (1659), lamento.
8. Ketty Nez (Massachusetts, 1964).
Moondrunk (2001), for piano.
9. Halie Loren (Alaska, 1984). From her new cd Butterfly Blue (2015): Danger in Loving You.


Producer and presenter:
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