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wed 24 feb 2016 12:00 hour

Women composers: classical, jazz and contemporary.
Producer & host: Patricia Werner Leanse.

1. Laurie Anderson (Illinois, 1947). Poison (1994).
2.Lam Lai (Hong Kong, 1983). Reliquias porteñas (2015), for ensemble.
3. Carmen Vanderveken (Quebec, 1993). Les actes de discours (2014), pour quintette à vent et bande.
4. Elena Langer (Russia, 1975). a. Reflection (1998), for piano solo. b. Two Cat Songs (2006), for soprano, cello and piano.
5. Minna Keal (UK, 1909-1999). Cantillation (1988), for violin and orchestra.
6. Ane Brun (Norway, 1976). My Star (2009), for soprano and baroque guitar.
7. Louise Ferrenc (France, 1804-1875). Two piano etudes (1838).


Producer and presenter:
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