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Radio Music essay, from Marijke Ferguson

sun 3 nov 2013 14:00 
Composers: Luciano Berio | Paul Simon

Theme: The voice of Marco Beasley and other sound-artful phenomena.

This program compares: Beasley with Ambrosian vocals, Paul Simon, Berio and Bulgarian Orthodox litany.

  • Eufrosina: Heu! Michi miserere – Marco Beasley
  • Nycholay sollempnia – Marco Beasley  and Ambrosian: Antiphonae post Evangelium – In Dulce Jubilo cantor: Albert Turco
  • Fragment A-Ronne, Luciano Berio -Swingle II en Il centurione, forse – Marco Beasley
  • Homeless – Paul Simon, Yoseph Shabalala
  • Ambrosian: Alleluya non flere Maria – In Dulce Jubilo and Magnificat – Marco Beasley 
  • Deus te salvet Maria – Marco Beasley
  • Kyrie – Marco Beasley; Bulgarian Orthodox singing and Lamenthu a Ghejesu – Marco Beasley
  • Jesce Sole! – Marco Beasley

                                      Marco Beasley

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