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The Sound of Movies

thu 4 may 2017 18:00 
Composer: John Barry

In the series Jazz in Film, episode 109: scores of English composer John Barry.

1. a. ’The James Bond Theme’ from Dr. No (1962).
b. ‘Cutty Sark Theme’ van Dateline TV (TV show) (1962).
c. Theme of The Party’s Over (1962).
d. ‘The Lolly Theme’ from The Amorous Prawn (1962).
e. Three single tracks: March of the Mandarins, Twangin’ cheek & Onward Christian Spacemen.
The John Barry Seven and Orchestra.

2. a. Theme fromt A Jolly bad fellow (1964).
b. Thema ‘Oublie Ça’ (1964).
c. A theme from 1964, later used in the movie Seance on a Wet Afternoon (1964).
d. ’That Fatal Kiss’ uit A View to a Kill (1985).
The John Barry Seven and Orchestra.

3. Parts from the movie Petulia (1968).
Studio orchestra conducted by John Barry.

4. Parts from the movie Ruby Cairo (1993).
With vocals of Luna Hegar, Kristina Nicchols and Kim Bullard.
Studio orchestra conducted by John Barry, with cooperation of Ottmar Liebert and Doug Macaskill, flamenco guitar.

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