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sun 9 dec 2018 11:00 

Women composers: classical, jazz and contemporary. Producer and host: Patricia Werner Leanse.


In the coming broadcasts attention goes out to the women composers from the book Vrouw aan de Piano by Veerle Janssens. And here is the playlist:

1. Nathalie Loriers (Belgium, 1966). L’Arbre Pleure (2013), jazz quintet.

2. Belle van Zuylen (NL, 1740-1805). a. From Airs et Romances (1789): L’an passé (1789). b. Sonata in C major (1790).

3. Rebecca Clarke (UK, 1886-1979). a. Daybreak (1940), for voice and string quartet. b. Sonata for viola and piano (1918).

4. Lili Boulanger (France, 1893-1918). a. Psaum 24 (1916) for choir, harp, organ. b. Psaum 129 (1916), for baritone, choir and orchestra.

5. Axelle Kennes (Belgium, 1982). From ‘L’esprit du silence’: Le Vide (2002), for solo piano (live recording).

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