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Women composers: classical, jazz and contemporary. Producer and host: Patricia Werner Leanse.


1. Eleni Karaindrou (Greece, 1941). From ‘Medea’: Medea’s Lament (2014).

2. Ada Gentile (Italy, 1947) [see photo]. Staccato dal mondo (2003), for clarinet, piano, bayan, vibraphone.

3. Maria Perucona (Italy, 1652-1709). Regina Caeli (1675), motet.

4. Lucia Ronchetti (Italy, 1963). forward and downward, turning neither to the left nor to the right (2017), for solo cello.

5. Corrie van Binsbergen (NL, 1957). From her new CD ’10, A Brokken Records Special Edition’: Fifteen Suite (2018), with the VANBINSBERGEN PLAYSTATION.

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