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sun 12 jan 2020 12:00 
Composer: Iet Stants

Women composers: classical, jazz and contemporary. Producer and host: Patricia Werner Leanse.

1. Gertrude van de Bergh (NL, 1793-1840). Song for pianoforte, opus 3 (1820).

2. Jennifer Fowler (Australia, 1939). a. Letter from Haworth (2005), for mezzo-soprano, clarinet, cello and piano. b. Streaming Up (2004), for flute, oboe, clarinet, cello and piano.

3. Juliana Hall (West Virgina, 1958). a. A Northeast Storm (2015), for soprano and piano. b.  In Reverence (2005), a song cycle set to poems by Emily Dickinson, for soprano and piano.

4. Iet Stants (NL, 1903-1968) [photo]. String Quartet No. 2 (1922).


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