Radio Monalisa

sun 24 may 2020 12:00 
Composer: Grace Williams

Female composers: classical, jazz and contemporary. Compiled and hosted by Patricia Werner Leanse.


1. Rieteke Hölscher (NL, 1969). Andromeda (2017), for flute (+ alto flute and piccolo) and harp.

2. Margaret Bonds (Illinois, 1913-1972). Three Dream Portraits on poems by Langston Hughes (1959), art songs.

3. Grace Williams (UK, 1906-1977) [see picture], Ballads for Orchestra (1968).

4. Shura Lipovsky (NL, 1961). Tracks from the new album ‘MALAKH ‘(2020).

5. Tineke de Jong (NL, 1964). A Man, A Love (2009), for violin, (prepared piano, marimba, percussion).

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