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sun 9 may 2021 17:00 

Women composers: classical, jazz and contemporary. Producer and host: Patricia Werner Leanse. With works by Miss LH of Liverpool, Susan Spain-Dunk, Clara Schumann, Rosalie Hirs, Lili Boulanger, Jihee Heo [photo] and Rae Milford.

1. Miss LH of Liverpool (UK, 19th century). My Mother, art song.

2. Susan Spain-Dunk (UK, 1880-1962). Cantilene, for clarinet and orchestra (1930).

3. Clara Schumann (Germany, 1819-1896). Das Veilchen (1853), art song.

4. Rozalie Hirs (NL, 1965). Article 7 (seven ways to climb a mountain), for solo bass clarinet and electronic sounds (2012).

5. Lili Boulanger (France, 1893-1918). Attente (1910), art song.

6. Jihee Heo (South Korea, 1990) [photo]. Tracks from ‘Are You Ready?’ (2020): a. Dark and Light. b. Streams in the Desert. c. Oh, New York.

7. Rae Milford (California, 1963). From her new album ‘Pick Yourself Up’ (2021): Power.

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