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sun 28 apr 2024 18:00 CET
Composers: Barbara | Barbara Strozzi

Female composers: classical, jazz and contemporary – compiled and presented by Patricia Werner Leanse. Works of Katia Tiutiunnik, Žibuoklė Martinaitytė, Edie Hill [pictured above], Dorothy Howell & Barbara Strozzi.

1. Katia Tiutiunnik (Australia, 1967). A Meditation (2013), for oud.

2. Žibuoklė Martinaitytė (Lithuania, 1973).
From ‘Ex Tenebris Lux’: II. Spring (2021), for string orchestra.

3. Edie Hill (New York, 1962).
a. We bloomed in Spring – The Crossing (2021), for choir.
b. The Giver of Stars: 6 poems by Amy Lowell (2012), for mezzo-soprano and piano:
1. Pyrotechnics. 2. Flame Apples. 3. Vernal Equinox. 4. The Giver of Stars.
5. Autumnal Equinox. 6. A Spring of Rosemary.

4. Dorothy Howell (UK, 1898-1982). Humoresque (1919) & Lamia (1919), for orchestra.

5. Barbara Strozzi (Italy, 1619-1677). Diporti di Euterpe, Op. 7: Lagrime mie (1659) lamento.

Produced & presented by:
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