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sun 12 may 2024 18:00 hrs

Female composers: classical, jazz and contemporary. Compiled and hosted by Patricia Werner Leanse. Works of Japanese composers Hisako Hirata [picture] & Hiromi Uehara.

1. Hisako Hirata (Japan, 1978). Releases from 2023-2024:
Hommage; A Morning in Paris; My Favorite Street; Gentle Wind;
Adage Original in F; Precious Time; Winter Tranquility; Fresh Morning;
Cozy Morning; Morning Rituals; Floating; Adagio Morning Rituals;
Spring Morning; Gentle Dawn; Peaceful Morning; Morning Walk;
Soothing Morning; Cozy Evening.

2. Hiromi Uehara (Japan, 1979). From the album Place to Be (2010):
Viva! Vegas: Show City, Show Girl; Daytime in Las Vegas;
The Gamble
; and the title track: Place to Be.

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