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tue 14 apr 2020 20:00 
Composer: Amy Beach

Chamber music by the American composer Amy Beach.

Amy Marcy Cheney was born in Boston in 1867 and turned out to be a child prodigy. At the age of sixteen, she had a great future ahead as a pianist.

But along with her first performance at the Boston Symphony Orchestra, her song ‘With Violets’ opus 1 no. 1., was released by a Boston music publisher released. Critics highly praised her performance as well as her composition, and this was the start of Amy’s long and impressive dual career. She married the 25 years older doctor Harris Aubrey Beach. She became one of the most important composers of her era. As such she served as a role model for other women. She fought against the many prejudices she had to deal with. Eventually, her great works were performed as a mass and a symphony in Boston, and she organised her own tour as a pianist and composer through the USA and Europe.


  1. Quartet for Strings, opus 89
  2. Sonata for Violin and Piano, opus 34
  3. Pastorale, opus 151
  4. Dreaming
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