Radio Romantica

tue 11 aug 2020 20:00 

Music of child prodigy on the piano Ernö Dohnányi in Radio Romantica.

In this episode you hear chamber music of the Hungarian composer Ernö Dohnányi, also known as Ernst von Dohnany. He was born in 1877, and at first, he applied himself to a career as a concert pianist, by the way, with substantial encouragement of Johannes Brahms, who greatly admired his talent. You are going to hear works for sextet, piano quintet and string trio.


Ernö Dohnányi

1. Sextet in C major. Ensemble Kheops.

2. Piano Quintet No.2 in E-flat minor, Op.26. The Schubert Ensemble of London.

3. Serenade for String Trio: Romanza (adagio non troppo). The Schubert Ensemble of London.

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