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tue 20 apr 2021 20:00 

Viola music by Reger, Vieuxtemps and Brahms.

An hour filled with viola music is a unique thing! We have three masterpieces written for the most neglected instrument in classical music for you. The viola is most often praised for its melancholy tone and mocked even more for only playing accompanying motifs. The next sixty minutes will be nothing like this! The queen of the viola, Tabea Zimmermann, will take you with her after meeting Max Reger. He wrote the most beautiful suites in Bach’s style, but with a completely different tone to them. Then, we will hear Russian pianist Kirill Gerstein playing the great sonata by Henri Vieuxtemps alongside Tabea. It is a piece in which all the aspects of the beautiful instrument come to the fore. Finally, of course, a sonata by Brahms, Op. 120 No. 2. In our time, this piece is mainly known as a clarinet sonata, but Brahms approved of both versions.


  1. Max Reger
    Suite Op. 131d in G minor
    Tabea Zimmermann, viola


  1. Henri Vieuxtemps
    Sonata Op. 36 in B-flat major
    Tabea Zimmermann, viola / Kirill Gerstein, piano


  1. Johannes Brahms
    Sonata Op. 120 No. 2 in E-flat major
    Tabea Zimmermann, viola / Kirill Gerstein, piano
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