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Roaming the Baroque

thu 4 feb 2016 19:00 hour

Music from the 17th and 18th century. English baroque music.

Tobias Hume (ca.1575-1645)
1. The Earle of Pembrookes Galiard
2. A Spanish humor
3. The Spirit of Gambo
Les Voix Humaines
(Naxos 8.554127)
Walter Porter (ca.1587-1659)
4. Love in thy youth
5. Hail, Cloris, hail
6. Young Thirsis lay
The Consort of Musicke
(Columns 070993)
William Byrd
7. Watkins Ale
8. Lavolta – Lady Morley
9. Rowland or Lord Willoughby’s welcome home
10. The Carmans Whistle
Trevor Pinnock, virginal and harpsichord
(Impressions 95009)
John Dowland (1563-1626)
From Third Booke of Songs:
11. Farewell, too fair
12. Behold a wonder here
13. Love stood amazed
The Consort of Musicke conducted by Anthony Rooley
(L’Oiseux Lyre 452 566-2)

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