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Roaming The Baroque

Music from the 17th and 18th century. English music from the early 17th century.

John Farmer  (ca 1600)
1. Pavane
Thomas Simpson (1582-ca 1628)
2. Galliard
Robert Johnson (-1633)
3. The Satyrs Dance
The Parley of Instruments conducted by Peter Holman


Robert Jones (ca 1583-ca 1633)
4. Once did I serve a cruel heart
5. What if I seek for love of thee?
John Dowland (1563-1626)
6. Flow, my tears
7. Say love if ever thou didst find
8. Lachrimae
James Bowman and Daniel Taylor, countertenor. Frances Kelly, harp. Elizabeth Kenny, lute. Mark Levy, viola da gamba


William Lawes (1602-1645)
Airs for two division viols in C Major:
9. Pavan of Alfonso
10. Almaine of Alfonso
William Byrd (1543-1623)
11. A Fancie in C
(Virgin Veritas)


John Blundeville
12. Beneath this gloomy shade
William King
13. I wonder what those lovers mean
Robert King
14. False, foolish Heart!
The Consort of Musicke conducted by Anthony Rooley
(Columns Classics)


Robert Johnson
15. Lady’s Hatton’s Almain
Anonymous (ca 1563-ca 1633)
16. Zouch his March
Frances Kelly, harp. Elizabeth Kenny, lute



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